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  1. Ţáleŝhh
    Swaddling Cloth
  2. Bárén
    Omen, Divination
  3. Phushruk
  4. Ţé-té
  5. Hoi
    Vegetable, Easy
  6. Ghárâz
    Expected (Pregnant)
  7. Názáqoti
    Nasty, disgusting and dirty.
  8. Ƌámán
    Real, Owner, Master, Proprietor, Lord, God
  9. Sünn
    Tower, Minerate, Hard swollen rash.
  10. Ƌürzán
    Naughty, mischievous
  11. Naang
    Ogre or genie, glutton,
  12. Ţeŝhh
    Oath, to swear

We are pleased to present the first Burüshâski Electronic Database, a platform  to introduce the Greater Yasin Area of Gilgit-Baltistan to the world. Through this project we volunteer to represent our identity and ambassador our region to the cyber world. 

We believe that the Yesterday became a history and the Tomorrow always stays a mystery. But whatever little steps we take today, give a little insight into how the mystery of future will look like. This project is a little step towards our future. 

Here we also strive to build a community contributed online Burüshaski Dictionary, an effort that can benefit the cultural future of our generation. It might require a lot of work but we are optimistic that over a period of time, we might gather a lot of information about Burüshâski of Yasin too.

We have made experiments with other websites and online platforms that represented the people of Yasin, and this project is different in way that it embodies the best practices of those earlier platforms. 

The team that currently works on this project has been actively but silently engaging with the Cyber Yasin [people of Yasin on facebook, twitter and online forums] in order to educate itself about the way people of Yasin think, act and react — it helps align the work here with that minimum collective agreement we already experienced.

While our work is based on the hope that we will grow and thrive on community contribution, we understand that every supporter of our work may not necessarily be a genuine and long lasting contributor. That is fine only if a minimum moral support remains assured. 

We volunteer our time, effort and resources to make this project a success story and we assure our visitors and supporters that no business, money or political interest is involved in the work of BEDb.

This website has been in place since 2003, in the form of www.yasinvalley.com, and we remake it to befit ourselves in the modern trends of cyber psyche as well as the traditions of indigenous existence. 

Thank you very much for stopping by. 


The first Burüshâski Electronic Database

Swaddling Cloth
شیرخوار بچوں کو باندھنے کا کپڑا

Ţáleŝhh is a swaddling cloth/blanket used to wrap babies in order to control physical moments of the babies so that the baby can sleep properly. Ţáleŝhh also keeps the baby warm as the weather in Burüshâski speaking regions is extremely cold. 

Parts of Speech: 
Hæŝhhing Ákhéŝhh

If you are looking for anything archaic and original about Burüshâski Literature, then, hello, Hæŝhhing Ákhéŝhh is the top authority, believe it.  

The Offbeat Sentiments [Hæŝhhing Ákhéŝhh] of Basharat Shafi in the voice of Mehboob Ali are leaked here.  Oh yea, the action-packed tunes under the dancing fingers of Zardullah Khan must be familiar to you— yes the melody of Sitar. Enjoy!

Title Language Artist Player
Ajo Akhosh ƌüļļum ţey çhsaghachi Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Go minyas Sesa sim Nakeem Mayimi Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Jâ Hæŝhhing Ákhéŝhh Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Jxowa Áyár Güçhsara by Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Mághon Jüwa zchey nâsaza gülhchimo Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Ajo máthán Nühoorüt Shüm Mimayân Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Basha Cum Alhchina Máthán Guwana Hái Burüshaski Basharat Shafi
Jâ Hæŝhhé Awoo Burüshaski Basharat Shafi